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Hi, My name is Jairo Sequeira. 
You're here because your case was assigned to me by either Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), or, you were sent here to resolve a legal dispute in a quick and inexpensive way through Mediation.
 There are 2 ways you can resolve a legal dispute:
        1. Litigation - fighting a dispute in the Court System
2. Mediation - settling a dispute with a mediator in a virtual or live meeting 
    Litigation vs. Mediation     
Both Litigation and Mediation are widely practiced and legally binding. Mediation, however, is faster, less expensive, and gives you more control over the final outcome. Litigation typically takes years, whereas Mediation typically takes weeks.  The long process of Litigation means years of attorney fees adding up and missing work for mandatory court appearances. 
Money - Unlike Mediation Litigation Is Expensive
If you already have an attorney let me ask you this...Have you checked your contract? If not, I suggest you bookmark this page and go read it.
So, how much did you pay for the retainer fee?  $2,000? $5,000? 10,000? How much is your attorney's hourly rate? $350? $450?  Do you know that most attorneys charge for every phone call and every email related to your case?  If you called or emailed your attorney right now you'd likely be charged $85 to $115. Your case is likely to cost you $70,000 to $300,000 or more if you handle it all the way through Litigation and do not go to Mediation. Many people run out of money and have to abandon their case before it's resolved or their attorney abandons them for non-payment after they've spent their life savings.
Now, if your case is a personal injury case, you're probably not paying by the hour, but instead will end up paying 33% to 45% of your settlement to your attorney.  That means if your settlement is $20,000 you could end up with only $11,000.
So, what's the solution?  Quickly resolve your dispute through Mediation and save yourself thousands of dollars. 
Courts are overwhelmed and Covid has made it worse. For this reason most Judges strongly encourage attorneys to settle out of court at the beginning of a case through Mediation. Unfortunately, attorneys have more incentive to extend a case rather than settle quickly. As long as a case is in Litigation the attorney is working and getting paid. So instead of just going to Mediation from the beginning, most cases go through a long expensive process of Litigation only to end up in Mediation at the end.
Think about it. If your case is likely to end up in the Mediation anyways, why not try Medition first for a fraction of the cost.
Time.  Unlike Mediation Litigation Is Time Consuming
You probably have heard the expression that time is money.  Litigation is a slow process.  Most cases last three to ten years. Can you wait that long? Do you want to wait that long?
Mediation will typically help you resolve your case in a matter of weeks.  Some cases are even resolved within hours. If your legal dispute is causing you stress and you want it to go away quickly so you can get back to your life, Mediation is the best option.  
Do You Want to Surrender Control to a Judge?
When you handle your dispute through Mediation you have more control over the process. If you opt to handle your case through Litigation, you are legally bound by whatever conclusion is reached by the Judge or jury. In Mediation you negotiate for what is fair and nothing is legally binding unless you agree to it. In addition, with Litigation you are told when to show up and have no say in court appearances and deadlines that may or may not work for you.  
Exposure.  Unlike Mediation Litigation Offers No Confidentiality
Court records are public records. Employers, Landlords, Banks and others can see your case if it is settled in Court.  Sometimes those records even end up on social media for all to see. When you engage in Litigation you are giving up your right to privacy. When you engage in Mediation, all conversations are kept strictly confidential.  There are things we all want to keep private and Mediation serves that purpose well.  

















Mr. Sequeira began his career providing Paralegal services to Attorneys and Law Firms in the U.S. through his business Paralegal Services Now. As an independent Paralegal Contractor he specialized in State, Federal and International Civil Litigation, drafting Pleadings, performing Legal Research, and summarizing Depositions.


 In 1996 Mr. Sequeira obtained his Mediator Certificate from Fair Housing Council of Orange County, California.


 In 2004 he established his own private practice as a Mediator known as Mediation and Negotiation Services  (M&N).  He mediates private disputes relating to Landlord Tenant Law, Employment and Labor Disputes, Consumer/Merchant Disputes, Small Business Disputes and Loan Disputes. He currently mediates Labor and Employment Disputes for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Attorney/Client Fee Disputes for the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), Land Lord/Tenant, Consumer/Merchant, and Public Disputes for the Center for Civic Mediation, and Small Claims Disputes for the Los Angeles Superior Court through the Center for Conflict Resolution.


In 2014 the California State Bar issued Mr. Sequeira a Certificate of Registration as an Attorney licensed in Nicaragua for having complied with the requirements of California Rules of Court, Rule 9.44 and the State Bar Registered Foreign Legal Consultant Rules and Regulations. He has provided legal services to businesses and individuals dealing with Civil Law in Nicaragua pertaining to Commercial Law, DR-CAFTA, Real Estate Law, Employment and Labor Law and Human Rights Law through his law firm, Jairo Sequeira and Associates.


Mr. Sequeira is a member of the International Law Association (ILA), American Society of International Law (ASIL), Christian Center for Human Rights (CCDH), Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), International Trade Mark Association (INTA), and the American Bar Association (ABA).


In 2012 Mr. Sequeira completed his Masters in Entertainment, Media and Intellectual Property Law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California.


Mr. Sequeira's experience provides him an unparalleled grasp of legal disputes and enables him to offer parties invaluable insights and creative solutions.





I look forward to helping you through the process of Mediation.
All conversations with myself are strictly confidential.

Please fill in the form below.  

First Come First Served. Time Is Of The Essence 


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